What is Touch

Touch, also known as Touch Football or Touch Rugby around the world, is a thrilling sport that allows people of all walks of life to achieve their goals; whether that is the thrill of challenging oneself to compete at their best, the thrill of a fast, skilful and exhilarating sport, the thrill of meeting new people or the thrill of being a part of something that can span a lifetime.

It is one of the rare collective sports that girls, boys, women and men enjoy together and against each other, with Mixed competitions making Touch very popular for every age category. Touch, is derived from Rugby league which used a form of Touch for training purposes. After passing through a development period during the 1960’s, the game became popular during the 70’s and by early in the next decade, was established in all states and territories in Australia as a sport in its own right.


Touch Coaching Course
November 30, 2019

Bulgaria Touch is pleased to invite all Touch passionates and fans of game to the first Touch Coaching Course in Bulgaria. More info here.

Bulgaria Touch Championship
October 13, 2019

The historical first National Touch Championship in Bulgaria will be held on Sunday, October 13th. Fans and friends of the sport are all more than welcome to become part of a day to remember.


Bulgaria Touch Nationals

TBC | October, 2019

The first National Touch Championship in Bulgaria will be held in October. More info to be announced very soon - subscribe for updates below.